Austin, TX • December 6th • Inspire, Engage and Connect Workshop: Fill Your Toolbox with Meaningful Engagement, Community Building, and Reflection Strategies

Austin, TX • December 6th • 9:00-3:00

Join this interactive workshop and fill your teaching, counseling, or group facilitation pr training toolbox with brain-based techniques to promote engagement, buy-in, social-emotional learning, and meaningful reflection. Empower participants of all ages to take ownership of learning and create a positive and supportive community. Enliven academic or training content, meetings, advisory, and group circles with active, learner-centered methods to enhance involvement and retention.

Take away practical-user friendly group development, engagement, reflection and dialogue techniques to enhance involvement and deepen learning.

Workshop tuition includes lunch and one of Jen Stanchfield's books or engagement and reflection tools.

We will explore:

  • Engaging ways to promote involvement, voice, choice, and ownership of learning  and groupwork
  • Practical strategies to enhance morning meeting, advisory, community and restorative circles, and other groupwork
  • Practical methods to design, sequence, and adapt activities to enhance learning outcomes and take advantage of "teachable moments"
  • Collaborative student/participant-centered ways to create and maintain inclusive, responsive, and supportive learning communities
  • Novel and dynamic techniques to teach, review, and apply content in meaningful, relevant ways
  • Compelling research from the field of educational neuroscience that supports and informs experiential approaches to teaching, community building, and social-emotional learning
  • Interactive ways to cultivate social and emotional skills such as communication, empathy, social problem-solving, relationship skills, collaboration, self-awareness, emotional expression, creativity, and reflection 
  • Engaging reflection tools and techniques to help learners find meaning, increase depth of understanding, and application to future learning 
  • Practices for becoming an intentional and reflective educator/facilitator
Workshop tuition includes lunch and one of Jen Stanchfield's books or engagement and reflection tools.
$ 198.00
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