Inspired School Leader, Engaged Faculty • Online Series

$ 289.00

Experiential tools and strategies to cultivate community, connection, reflection, meaningful engagement, and adult social-emotional learning. Interactive and collaborative sessions for educational leaders, principals and administrators. Cohort is limited to 20 participants.

Co-lead by Jen Stanchfield and Heidi Pauer

Tuition includes a copy of Tips & Tools for the Art of Experiential Group Facilitation

Join this interactive online workshop and fill your leadership, facilitation, and coaching toolbox with experiential, brain-based techniques to inspire, build community and promote meaningful engagement and buy-in with your faculty, professional development, and parent/community groups. Take away dynamic methods to enliven meetings and get your groups engaging, collaborating, and reflecting. Empower participants to take ownership of their role on the team, practice adult social-emotional skills, and build a positive, supportive learning environment and cohesive teaching community. Teach and reinforce training material, faculty meeting content, and group building objectives in novel ways to differentiate instruction and enhance learning and positive involvement. Leave with creative inspiration and new perspectives on your role as a facilitator, educator, or leader. Network with other school administrators from across the globe.


We will explore:


•Ways to cultivate cohesion, promote empathy, respect, collaboration, problem-solving, trust, and positive group norms as the school community faces the challenges and opportunities of the upcoming school year. 

• Experiential, brain-based strategies to actively engage participants physically,

emotionally, socially and intellectually in group development, academic, social-emotional learning, training, and team development.

• Novel and dynamic techniques to teach, review and reinforce team-building, training, and vision-setting that help learners apply the material in meaningful, relevant ways

•Practical relationship building, collaboration, support, and adult social and emotional learning techniques for engaging the faculty team, families, and the school-wide community.

• Strategies for increasing involvement, buy-in, and ownership of learning and

group development experiences

• Compelling research from the field of educational neuroscience that supports and

informs experiential education, facilitation, group-building, instructional design,

and social-emotional learning

• Fundamentals of experiential group facilitation and teaching such as the

importance of participant choice and control, sequencing, ongoing assessment,

and meaningful reflection to create lasting lessons

• Interactive activities to build community and promote social and emotional

learning while enlivening lessons and differentiating instruction

• Innovative reflection tools and techniques to increase relevancy, meaning, depth

of understanding, enhance learning outcomes by taking advantage of “teachable


•School wide community building and SEL activities and strategies, including family night program design

• The role of the facilitator/leader as guide, and the importance of flexibility, attitude,

adaptation, and awareness of the group and individual needs and differences


About Heidi Pauer:

Heidi Pauer’s favorite word is “possible”.  During her 30 years of being involved in public education as an educator and administrator, she has always seen the possibility in every student and staff member. She blends her creative passions of theater, visual arts, music, poetry, and movement to engage students and adults to learn curriculum deeply as well as learn life lessons.  Central to her educational philosophy is creating a community of empathetic learners who celebrate each other’s uniqueness and are actively engaged in meaningful lessons. Heidi has extensive experience in team teaching, creating interdisciplinary curriculum, project-based learning, integrated arts, and reflection.  She was awarded NH English Teacher of the Year in 2003.  She has an overwhelming desire to share her creativity in education with other teachers and administrators and was awarded the Christa McAuliffe Sabbatical as a creativity coach in New Hampshire schools during the 2015-2016 school year.   

About Jennifer Stanchfield:

Jen's depth of experience, creativity, and knowledge of educational theory and practice is evident in her innovative yet practical workshops and publications. She incorporates the art of teaching and facilitation with brain-based and pedagogical research. In her 30 years as an educator, Jen has worked as an educator a clinician in mental health treatment centers, and in adult professional training and organizational team building. Jen earned her master's degree in Experiential Education and Educational Leadership at Minnesota State University, Mankato, and continues to pursue the latest research on the brain and learning, pedagogy, and the emerging field of educational neuroscience. Through these experiences, she has developed an extensive repertoire of evidence-informed experiential activities, tools, and strategies she brings to her engaging and informative workshops, publications, and teaching resources. Jen is the author of Tips and Tools for The Art of Experiential Group Facilitation and the Inspired Educator, Inspired Learner: Experiential, Brain-Based Activities and Strategies to Engage, Motivate, Build Community and Create Lasting Lessons.

FALL SESSION TBD: email for inquiries.

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