The Inspired Online Facilitator, Trainer, Leader, or Coach

$ 118.00

Facilitation and Training Inspiration

Six weeks of interactive and collaborative sessions. Workshop includes your choice of one of Jen Stanchfield's books or facilitation tools. Nine professional development hours available. Limited to 20 participants.

Over the past three years, facilitators and trainers have been creatively adapting to remote meetings and learning environments. As the need for innovative engagement strategies continues, there is a valuable opportunity for collaborative problem-solving and a need for inspiration and support from peers in the field. In response, Jen Stanchfield has created a series of "Inspiration and Support" sessions for experiential facilitators, trainers, and coaches. This dynamic online professional development series offers a combination of practical tools and techniques, mentoring, and moral support. Join in and fill your toolbox with interactive brain-based techniques to inspire, motivate, and promote engagement, buy-in, and meaningful reflection and dialogue. We will focus on ways to thoughtfully design and sequence remote learning experiences to increase engagement, meet specific therapeutic, training, and group development goals. Join this dynamic session and take away both practical methods, and a deeper understanding of the "why behind what you do" in group facilitation.

We will explore:

  • Experiential, brain-based approaches to actively engage learners physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually
  • Practical strategies to impart the fundamentals of experiential group facilitation such as the importance of participant choice and control, sequencing, ongoing assessment, and meaningful reflection to create lasting lessons
  • Techniques for increasing participant involvement, buy-in, and ownership in learning experiences
  • Methods to help group leaders design, sequence, facilitate and adapt activities to enhance learning outcomes in remote learning
  • Compelling research from the neuroscience field that informs facilitation, engagement, and social-emotional skills development
  • Innovative reflection tools and techniques to increase relevancy, meaning, depth of understanding, and connection to future learning situations
  • The role of the facilitator as guide, and the importance of flexibility, attitude, adaptation, and awareness of group and individual needs and differences

The program involves six weekly hour and a half long sessions. Tuition includes a copy of one of Jen Stanchfield's latest books: Tips & Tools for the Art of Experiential Group Facilitation or Inspired Educator, Inspired Learner: Experiential, Brain-Based Activities and Strategies to Engage, Motivate, Build Community and Create Lasting Lessons. To encourage collaboration and sharing the session will be limited to 20 people.

What participants are saying about the Inspiration and Support Sessions:  

"This has been amazing. The time flies because the sessions are so engaging. I received my money’s worth in the first hour of the first session!"

"I appreciate that along with sharing your useful tools and techniques, you have helped us engage with and learn from each other. Your style gives everyone ownership in the learning process."

"I love collaborating with, and hearing experiences and perspectives from educators from outside of my day-to-day network. How cool to be in a learning community with people from India, Japan, Quebec, and all regions of the U.S." 

"You opened my eyes regarding the options that exist within Zoom for bringing experiential engagement and team-building methods online! Thank you for helping me create a positive learning community for my teams and engage them in meaningful reflection."  


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