November 1st • Charleston, SC • Inspire, Engage, Build Community, and Create Lasting Lessons

$ 229.00

Experiential Approaches to Group Facilitation, Teaching, and Social-Emotional Learning

9:00-3:00• Cypress Hall • Charleston County Park & Recreation Commission

Tuition includes lunch and a copy of your choice of the Inspired Educator, Inspired Learner or Tips & Tools for the Art of Experiential Group Facilitation books. Scholarships and group rates available, email for more information.

Description: Join this interactive workshop and fill your toolbox with dynamic brain-based techniques to promote engagement, buy-in, social-emotional learning and meaningful reflection. Empower participants of all ages to take ownership of learning and create a positive and supportive group environment. We will focus on ways to thoughtfully design and sequence experiences to increase engagement, meet specific group development, educational, counseling and social-emotional learning goals. Take away experiential methods to get your groups moving, talking, and reflecting, and new perspectives on your role as an educator, facilitator, or leader.

We will explore:

  • Experiential, brain-based approaches to actively engage learners physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually in social-emotional learning, academic, training, or therapeutic content
    • Interactive activities to build community and promote social and emotional learning while enlivening lessons and differentiating instruction
    • Ways to cultivate SEL skills such as communication, social problem-solving, relationship skills, collaboration, self-regulation, decision-making, self-awareness, emotional expression, conflict resolution, and reflection
    • Experiential facilitation/teaching fundamentals used to design, sequence, and adapt experiential activities to take advantage of “teachable moments” and create lasting meaningful lessons
    • Techniques for increasing participant involvement, buy-in, voice, choice, and ownership in learning experiences
    • Compelling research from the neuroscience field that informs facilitation, engagement, and social-emotional skills development
    • Engaging reflection tools and techniques to increase relevancy, meaning, depth of understanding, and connection to future learning
    • The role of the facilitator/educator as guide, and the importance of flexibility, attitude, adaptation, and awareness of group and individual needs and differences

    Tuition includes lunch and a copy of one of Jen Stanchfield's latest books: Tips & Tools for the Art of Experiential Group Facilitation or Inspired Educator, Inspired Learner: Experiential, Brain-Based Activities and Strategies to Engage, Motivate, Build Community and Create Lasting Lessons.


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