Workshop Montreal November 8th • Experiential Brain-Based Approaches to Engage, Motivate, Build Community and Create Lasting Lessons

$ 125.00

Hosted by the Association for Experiential Education

Join this interactive and engaging workshop and fill your toolbox with experiential, brain-based techniques to inspire and motivate learners, create a positive and supportive environment, and facilitate meaningful reflection and group dialogue. Take away innovative activities to get participants moving, talking, reflecting and keep them engaged. Maximize buy-in, social and emotional learning, group building, and create lasting lessons. These techniques create multiple pathways to learning and allow educators to review and reinforce academic and training content in novel ways that empower participants to take ownership of their learning experiences. Leave with creative inspiration and new perspectives on your role as a facilitator or educator.

Topics Include:

  • Methods for engaging participants emotionally, physically, intellectually and socially
  • New research from the field of educational neuroscience and its impact on learning, teaching and social and emotional skills development
  • A variety of brain-based teaching approaches and interactive problem-solving activities that promote critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration
  • Experiential teaching approaches and interactive activities that will enliven your academic lessons or training content and help you differentiate instruction
  • Reflective methods and the use of metaphor to increase depth of understanding and connection to future learning experiences.
  • The role of the educator as guide, and the importance of flexibility, attitude, adaptation, and awareness of individual needs and differences
  • Techniques to help educators become more “participant-centered,” empowering learners to take more control and responsibility for their learning.


Hosted by the Association for Experiential Eduction @ Le Centre Sheraton Montreal, Canada
$125 AEE Members, $145 (non-members) 

Visit to register:

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