Bundle "Everywhere a Sign" and the original "Pick a Postcard" together at a special discount

Our new "Everywhere-a-Sign" metaphorical postcard kit and the newly redesigned "Pick-a-Postcard" kit are great conversation starters and reflection tools.

For years I have been gathering images for both of these teaching & facilitation decks — "Everywhere a Sign" features photos of vintage and unique signs taken during my travel adventures, and the original "Pick a Postcard" deck contains a carefully selected/created set of unique postcard images designed to captures a group’s attention, inspire meaningful reflection, and spark engaging conversation. Sustainably and locally printed, these postcard kits are available together in 30-card or 50-card sets. Also available in custom quantities or configurations — please email jen@experientialtools.com for questions and bulk pricing.

click here for more information about the EVERYWHERE A SIGN postcard deck

click here for more information about the PICK A POSTCARD deck

Choose either the 30-card or 50-card set of the 2 decks below at a 10% discount (you'll receive both "Everywhere-a-Sign" and "Pick-a-Postcard" decks in your selected size).

2-Deck Set (50-cards each) $89.95 • 2-Deck Set (30-cards each) $62.95 

$ 62.95 $ 69.90
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