From Our Workshops:

"Jen Stanchfield's warm, authentic, gentle, and engaging style makes everyone feel welcome and supported - even online. Jen creates an atmosphere where participants feel like they are partners in the learning experience. I have attended multiple sessions with Jen over the last decade and always take away something new that I can use right away in my teaching and counseling."

"Great info. Also, the breakout rooms were structured enough to not be awkward. The introverts thank you..."

"You opened my eyes regarding the options that exist within Zoom for bringing experiential engagement and team-building methods online! Thank you for helping me create a positive learning community for my teams and engage them in meaningful reflection." 

“She kept us moving, talking, reflecting and engaged! Excellent workshop from beginning to end. We actually did the things [Jen] was sharing instead of her just telling us about them. AND I got a great pin and quote to take home.”

“Fun, great resources, applicable info and activities for many settings. JUST RIGHT!!”

“She was the most encouraging, inspiring instructor. Loved her enthusiasm for teaching!”

“This was the highlight of the week for me—percolated a lot of ideas I can apply to the music classroom during this slot. Reminded me of what I really do at school. A time without sitting around!”

“I thought it was the best workshop I have ever taken and I am very excited to start the school year with the ideas you have shown us!”

“Jen was a fantastic leader who not only provided inspiration to the assembled educators, she exposed us to a wide array of knowledge without ever confusing or “stumping” us.”

“I just started working for a company… We focus on teaching girls about science, technology and engineering during after school time and I constantly find myself using the things I learned in your workshop—so thank you! It is truly amazing to see 8th grade girls who have been in the same class for 4 years and work together as lab partners during the school day not know each others’ names—we are working to change that and create a great learning environment by implementing many of your tips.”

“She was FANTASTIC! Very hands-on, moving around lessons. I can and will use it all in my class.”

“Your presentation helped me to bridge another way to connect expressive arts therapy with the classroom in a meaningful and direct way. I really appreciated your insights and practice of constantly evaluating what would work best to facilitate the group’s learning. Taking time to be aware of the type, timing, presentation and sequence of activities is actually one of the founding tenets of occupational therapy, and I admired your natural ease with this process. Your theory and practice come through as one in the same.” "I appreciate that along with sharing your useful tools and techniques, you have helped us engage with and learn from each other. Your style gives everyone ownership in the learning process."

“It’s awesome.  It’s changed my life, changed my teaching.  I love it.”

“Your workshop was a huge inspiration for me. Not only have I used your ideas in various activities this summer but I’ve been using perspectives I learned with you to redesign my whole curriculum. Thanks!”

“We are killing it at work and using all the new stuff you taught us!”

“Excellent strategies and activities! I had an awesome time!!” “The experiential learning activities were a leap of faith for me. I had never done anything quite like them, but any initial skepticism vanished once the group began talking. It felt as if we all shared intimate parts of ourselves which might otherwise be kept in reserve. Not only did these activities foster comfort and camaraderie among us, they helped me learn about myself.”

“AMAZING!… Her hour and a half felt like 5 minutes.”

“By far the best class yet!”

Quotables: Inspiring Quotation Cards

“I LOVE the Quotables and start my Junior classes with them 3 times a week, it is amazing how the right quote just seems to pop up for the day :)” “The quotes were wonderful… I added them to the items I put out from the impromptu toolbox I created so staff could choose either an item or a quote… the discussions were wonderful and the retreat was a big success!”

Miniature Metaphors:
Reflection and Processing Treasure Chest

“I love the Miniature Metaphors! I have used them several times with graduate students during our nurse practitioner orientation.”

“Another question I have used with my kindergarten class is: Pick a charm that describes how you are feeling right now. Explain in our opening circle why you chose that charm.”

“We received the Miniature Metaphors in time for our workshop events and they were a big success. Thanks much for making that happen and for checking in afterward.”

“Another question I have used with my kindergarten class is: Pick a charm that describes how you are feeling right now. Explain in our opening circle why you chose that charm.”

“[I wanted to] let you know how the use of the Miniature Metaphors went in my masters program.  It was super!!  My facilitators loved it!” 

Conversation Starters: Pin Back Button Collection

“I had the opportunity to use Conversation Starters buttons in a meeting I attended last fall and thoroughly enjoyed the discussions they generated.”

Pick-a-Postcard: Conversation Starter and Reflection Tool

“I wanted to send you a quick thank you.  As a clinical intern at an addiction program, I am always using any sort of resources for processing and group check-ins.  I have been using your postcards for years to gauge the group experience during adventure work or in group work.  Earlier this week when using them, a new client chose the postcard with ‘The Kimball’s Special’ on it.  She shared that it was one of the few joys that she remembered from her childhood and this card gave her some perspective to look forward to something later in the summer… Thank you for creating engaging and positive tools.”