Miniature Metaphors

Reflection and Processing Treasure Chest by Experiential Tools

Miniature Metaphor Toolkit: 30 high-quality figural charms (most locally sourced and made of lead-free pewter) in a sturdy decorative tin, with carrying bag made in Vermont, plus, suggestions for use.

Inspire meaningful reflection and dialogue that goes beyond the traditional sharing circle. Spark reflective writing, exploration of positive character traits, or facilitate strong beginnings and optimistic endings. This method is useful for both individual and collaborative reflection and is used in restorative circles and appreciations, group norms conversations, and goal setting.

Jen created this teaching, group facilitation and reflection tool in 2002 after a facilitator in one of her conference workshops shared that they were looking for a “pocket sized” reflection tool that would be easy to carry into the field. Over the past decade Miniature Metaphors have become a favorite of teachers, counselors, challenge course practitioners, corporate trainers, camp leaders, therapeutic recreation specialists, and outdoor educators on the go.

“I love the Miniature Metaphors!  I have used them several times with graduate students during our nurse practitioner orientation.”

“We received the Miniature Metaphors in time for our workshop events and they were a big success. Thanks much for making that happen and for checking in afterward.”

People of all ages are intrigued by the small figurative charms and trinkets. Participants are drawn in by the miniature figures, objects, symbols, and animals, which invite discussion and reflection.

Many educators use them for engaging groups in conversation and reflection around goal-setting, creating group norms agreements, resolving conflict, and celebrating the individual strengths and positive attributes of group members. Use your creativity the possibilities are endless!

Locally Made out of Sustainable Materials

This unique assortment of miniature objects are packaged in Vermont of green, sustainable and locally made materials. Package includes decorative tin, 30 miniature charms, drawstring carrying bag, and suggestions for use. All of the pewter charms in the tin are made locally (Vermont, Rhode Island, New York, and Connecticut) out of lead-free pewter. The attractive and durable tins come adorned with pewter designs of either a dragonfly, or spiral pewter design(made in Washington). The hand made linen drawstring bag is made by Hempower Sustainable Bags in Vermont.

Benefits of Using Objects and in Reflection

The use of metaphoric objects enhance reflection and dialogue by allowing learners to attach their thoughts to a tangible object that can be touched and shown to a group. When participants talk or write about the object rather than about themselves directly, they sometimes express thoughts that would otherwise be left unsaid. Often the thoughts ideas and connections inspired by the objects lead to broader and deeper reflection sessions than when using dialogue alone.

• Recent research on the brain and learning suggests that when learners can attach thoughts/key concepts to a metaphor they may retain it longer.
• Often people find it easier to share when they can attach their thoughts to an object or image.
• Conversation and reflection can become more metaphorically rich than with conversation alone.
• This method is “student or participant centered”. It puts more control on the student/learner for interpreting their experience/feelings/goals rather than the teacher or group leader directing and possibly inserting their own interpretation or agenda. This allows for spontaneity in reflective discussions and possibly a deeper connection to the learning experience or academic material.

For more ideas for using the Miniature Metaphors and other objects for reflection see Jen's article in the Inspired Educator Blog.

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