Tips & Tools for the Art of Experiential Group Facilitation, Second Edition

The second edition of Tips & Tools eclipses the first with insights gained from another decade of experience in group facilitation and new information coming from the field of educational neuroscience. As a result, the ideas and methods focused on active engagement, ownership in learning, and facilitating meaningful reflection have been greatly expanded. The layout of information is more effective—experiential theory and perspectives, hands-on activities, and teachable moments flow from one chapter to the next—making this edition an essential resource for practicing and teaching the art of experiential group facilitation.

What Readers Are Saying:

“Jen Stanchfield’s genius as a facilitator is key to this second
edition of Tips & Tools. It is an opportunity for anyone who reads
the book to learn from a genuine, world-class, master facilitator.
I endorse it with great enthusiasm and excitement.”
—Jasper S. Hunt, PhD, Professor of Experiential Education & Leadership
Studies, Minnesota State University, Mankato

“For the first time in almost 30 years of practice, I have a text
that I can wholeheartedly give to my students to learn about
experiential facilitation. I appreciate how this edition is sequenced. I love the field notes and their placement. Still and all,
the best book out there for students to learn about the how-to’s
and why-we-do’s of experiential facilitation. Well done!”

—Tony Alvarez, LMSW, University of Michigan School of Social
Work, UNH SSW Adjunct Faculty, Alvarez Consulting LLC
“Tips & Tools is the ideal book for teaching a practical approach
to the art of facilitation. Experiential theory and perspectives,
hands-on activities, and teachable moments flow from one
chapter to the next. You will want to highlight, dog-ear, and keep
this resource close at hand.” —Brenda Reed, MS, Director of Training,

Rope Works Inc., Lecturer, Consultant for Engine 2 Immersions
“Tips & Tools is chock-full of great ideas for facilitating truly
meaningful group programs. Jen pays great attention to details,
making every activity more impactful, and her suggestions are
easy to adapt to a wide range of participant types. My staff uses
this book as a resource for program planning on a regular basis.”
—Suzanne Coffman, MEd, Manager of the Kohler Experiential
Learning Center

“As a practitioner, educator and administrator, this second edition
of Tips & Tools has applications for the many hats I wear. It
serves as a resource for my own professional development as
well as a text for course instruction. The content and writing
style are accessible for beginning facilitators and relevant for
those who are already well steeped in the practice.”
—Nathan Harlan, MA, Director, Adventure WV, West Virginia University

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