Brattleboro, VT • May 15th • Engage Through the Power of Play, Experiential Learning, and Reflection

9:00-3:00 • 190 Main Street Community Engagement Room

Tuition includes lunch and a copy of Jen's Inspired Educator, Inspired Learner book.

Join this engaging and interactive workshop to harness the power of play, experiential, approaches, and meaningful reflection activities to teach and practice social and emotional learning and academics. Enhance your advisory, morning meeting, and group circles facilitation toolbox with brain-based techniques.

Gain active student-centered methods to inspire, engage, and cultivate student voice and ownership. Promote self and social awareness and communication. Explore the connections between experiential education, neuroscience, social and emotional skills development, community building. Bring learning to life with ongoing active reflection.

Participants will take away:

  • Practical techniques to build a joyful, connected, and inclusive learning community
  • Intentional approaches for promoting involvement, voice, choice, and ownership of learning
  • Ways to deepen learning through emotional connection, relevancy, and reflection
  • Creative inspiration and networking opportunities with other educators and counselors
  • Practical teaching strategies to integrate social and emotional learning and academics that you can facilitate with simple materials and adapt to various age groups
  • Games and activities that teach empathy, self and social awareness along with academics
  • Classroom structures and teaching strategies to make experiential learning successful.

Enliven the traditional sharing circle with active, brain-based methods including movement, metaphor, art, and interactive dialogue to increase emotional connection, relevancy, and depth of understanding. Facilitate strong beginnings and optimistic endings that reach beyond the experience. Get inspired with new perspectives and practical tools for weaving meaningful reflection, connection, and ownership throughout lessons and experiences. Create lasting lessons and help participants become lifelong reflective learners.

What participants are saying:


"Jen Stanchfield's warm, authentic, gentle, and engaging style makes everyone feel welcome and supported - even online. Jen creates an atmosphere where participants feel like they are partners in the learning experience. I have attended multiple sessions with Jen over the last decade and always take away something new that I can use right away in my teaching and counseling."


" I appreciate that along with sharing your useful tools and techniques, you have helped us engage with and learn from each other. Your style gives everyone ownership in the learning process."


$ 189.00
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