Online Workshop: Integrating SEL and Academics: Experiential Approaches to Engage, Inspire, Connect and Reflect! •October 12th and November 9th

$ 289.00

Two Half-Day Sessions October 12th Part One, November 9th Part Two 11:00-3:00 EST -with an optional follow-up session TBD.

These engaging online workshops are scheduled with multiple time zones in mind. They are spaced a month apart to allow for ongoing reflection and application of practices between sessions. Join us to network and create a collaborative learning community with other educators from around the world.

Tuition includes a copy of the Inspired Educator, Inspired Learner book.

This interactive online workshop explores experiential, brain-based techniques to inspire meaningful academic and social and emotional engagement, buy-in, and ownership of learning. Educators will fill their toolbox with practical strategies to build community and teach social and emotional skills and academics. We will explore methods to get students connecting, talking, and reflecting, and novel ways to differentiate instruction and build a positive, and supportive learning community.

We will explore:

  • Experiential, brain-based methods to actively engage students physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually in all learning environments
  • Interactive activities to build community while enlivening academic lessons, differentiating instruction and promoting social and emotional learning
  • Strategies for increasing buy-in and ownership of learning
  • Methods for creating a positive and supportive environment starting on day one and maintaining it throughout the school year
  • Novel and dynamic techniques to teach, review and reinforce academic content that helps learners apply content in meaningful, relevant ways
  • Compelling research from the field of educational neuroscience that supports and informs experiential approaches to teaching, community building, and social-emotional learning
  • Ways to cultivate the social and emotional skills such as communication, social problem-solving, relationship skills, collaboration, self-regulation, decision-making, self-awareness, emotional expression, conflict resolution, and reflection 
  • Methods to help educators design, sequence, scaffold and adapt activities to enhance learning outcomes and take advantage of "teachable moments"
  • Reflective tools to help learners find meaning, increase depth of understanding, and application to future learning 
  • The educator's role as guide and the importance of flexibility, attitude, adaptation, and awareness of group and individual needs and differences


"This has been amazing. The time flies because the sessions are so engaging. I received my money’s worth in the first hour of the workshop!


"Jen Stanchfield's warm, authentic, gentle, and engaging style makes everyone feel welcome and supported - even online. Jen creates an atmosphere where participants feel like they are partners in the learning experience. I have attended multiple sessions with Jen over the last decade and always take away something new that I can use right away in my teaching and counseling."

"This workshop has truly helped me serve my students. My students LOVED the Team Tally activity you showed us. Thank you for helping me feel more confident about facilitating breakout groups in Zoom and giving me so many ideas for engaging learners in-person and online.


"I appreciate that along with sharing your useful tools and techniques, you have helped us engage with and learn from each other. Your style gives everyone ownership in the learning process."






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